Bar POS Systems from InnPoss

Owning a bar or nightclub in today’s competitive market can be a struggle if your current point of sale (POS) system is not designed to meet the needs of your specific business model. A bar POS system from InnPoss is tailored to the way you do business and is designed to help you achieve increased revenue and ongoing customer loyalty.

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The Advantage of Superior Software Design

InnPoss partners with Focus POS to offer our customers state-of-the-art bar POS systems. With fast and reliable touchscreen interfaces that are easy to use, a Focus bar POS system is a valuable tool for optimizing workflows — and sales. Bartenders and waitstaff can quickly access drink specials and maintain multiple customer tabs for repeat orders and closeouts. InnPoss can also show you how to arrange menu screens for faster service speed, which can help increase efficiency, especially during busy shifts.

Control Loss and Shrink with Monitoring Controls

Controlling liquor inventory shrinkage is vital to maintaining a profitable business in the alcohol service industry. Supply shrinkage due to theft, inaccurate pouring, unauthorized free drinks or incorrect order entries will hurt your bottom line.  Focus Bar POS systems help you monitor your stock by alerting you when supplies are low and require reordering but also help you pinpoint areas where loss is occurring with auditing and inventory reports.

Fines and potential lawsuits from underage alcohol sales can be a serious threat to business profitability. With automatic age-related restriction features built into Focus bar POS software, you can avoid and control this risk before a sale is processed.

Helpful Tools for Training and Operations

Focus bar POS systems are designed to streamline your business in every way.  The easy-to-use POS menu screens help you easily train new employees, provide bartenders with access to recipes to maintain drink consistency, increase order entry speed, make sure drinks are poured perfectly to standards. Focus POS software even provides payment and time management controls for games that customers may play while visiting your bar or nightclub.

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