Restaurant Point of Sale Systems from InnPoss

InnPoss focuses on providing our customers with innovative products and services that help your business maximize sales and profits as well as improve staff efficiency. Our experience in the restaurant point of sale (POS) industry, as well as our commitment to your business success, makes InnPoss the perfect partner to provide your total restaurant point of sale solution.

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Industry-Leading POS Systems

InnPoss provides state-of the-art restaurant Focus POS solutions designed to support the unique needs of your restaurant’s requirements. No matter the type or size of establishment, we offer a restaurant POS solution that’s a perfect fit for your application.

Industry-leading Focus POS is backed by more than two decades of experience providing POS solutions to businesses in the hospitality industry.

Contact InnPoss to learn more about Focus POS offerings such as:

  • myFocus Mobile: This mobile app enables you to access real-time reporting from your mobile device when traveling or working at a different location in your chain.
  • myFocus Central: Leverage this web-based reporting platform to consolidate data from multiple locations and build your own custom dashboard.
  • myFocus Loyalty: The Focus POS program that includes cloud-storage, multistore processing and social media integration, as well as marketing lists and email blasts.
  • myFocus Gift: These cloud-based gift cards for single-unit restaurants or multiunit chains are processed in real time, can be used immediately, and double as loyalty cards.

Total POS Solutions Designed for Your Business

InnPoss specializes in providing solutions for a range of restaurant types including:

  • table service restaurants
  • bars and nightclubs
  • quick service restaurants