Quick Service POS Systems from InnPoss

Your customers choose quick service for fast service and meals on the go, so your restaurant needs a point of sale (POS) system that helps your employers work faster and more efficiently. Quick service POS solutions from InnPoss will put your business on the right track toward increased profits and productivity.

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Superior Features Specialized for Quick Service

Your quick service restaurant needs to live up to its name with fast, efficient service. InnPoss partners with Focus POS to provide our quick service restaurant customers with POS systems that help your staff improve order entry time and accuracy as well as provide great customer experience that inspires loyal, return customers. Here are some essential applications aimed at improving your bottom line:

  • Suggestive selling and conversational ordering tools
  • Intuitive screen set-up and combo menus for faster ordering
  • Special promotions automatically applied
  • Video feed to kitchen staff to ensure customer orders are accurately fulfilled

Customizable POS Software to Handle All of Your Revenue Streams

If your business offers online ordering or drive-through service, a Focus POS system from InnPoss can help you manage these as well as counter service at your restaurant. Minimizing the time it takes to serve customers is important to maximizing profits, especially during the busy lunch or dinner rush. Avoid delays in any area of your business by leveraging Focus POS’s smart and easy-to-use order entry interface that gets orders to the food prep area quickly and accurately.

Focus Quick Service POS — More than Meets the Eye

Focus POS not only makes order entry and payment easy, it also gives you tools geared toward automating some daily management functions. You will see your production efficiency improve with these features:

  • Detailed business reports
  • Access to multistore, enterprise or chain reports
  • Email or text reports
  • Reporting and auditing to identify and minimize shrinkage
  • Blind checkouts to find cash drawer discrepancies
  • Load balancing
  • Bin and summary views

Restaurant operators are often faced with training new employees in high-turnover niches. Focus POS software is so intuitive and simple to use that you can have new staff up to speed within a day! For more information on quick service POS systems that deliver the results you need, contact InnPoss.